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    Since the year 2000 to this present day, "The Complete Solution Center with the slogan" your home and your workplace, Aluminum Doors, Windows, Shutters, Wood works, Composite Siding, Aluminum windows, shutters and built-in wardrobes, Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets, children's rooms, garage doors, Cnc Router pattern on the MDF and wood processing, design and varieties will make a difference.

    Experience the high-quality service tame? Create awareness that line, our company according to the world standards, respecting nature and the environment adopted the concept of an application. ÇOCUK METAL LTD. In order to reach this goal; create management standards ISO 9001:2008 and it efficient at all levels of the company and has been working steadily to put into practice.

    All projects that undertakings with advanced technology and knowledge into service a priority for our company, all of the customer needs to be able to complete on time to respond. Accepts no understanding of the private sector to respond to the error and to provide the service we offer customer satisfaction which is our main goal.

    In this aim, high standards of quality trained and happy employees, happy shareholders and could have been achieved with the happiest customers in the knowledge every day by raising our standards should proceed in line with our objectives.

About Us

About Us